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Bazooka Blast

Bazooka Blast 5 Inch Shells Keystone Fireworks Click to view larger image
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5.75″L x 5.25″W x 13.75″H


Fully loaded five inch 60 gram canister shells with six unique effects.  Prepare yourself for the Bazooka Blast.

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    i will buy these again because they go very high and they wont scare my kids my kids love to see this one evey time we come they go i want this one so i will buy these every time i come i also get 2 of them with the buy one get one for 99 cents very worth it

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    I just picked up (2) packs of these Bazooka Blast shells to add to my 4th of July 2020 fireworks. They’re new for 2020 and the product video seemed very impressive. I got home and set off one shell to test and WOW. I thought it was going to space. It kept going and going, up and up then… BOOM! The break on this was HUGE. The color was truly gorgeous (Red Lace). It was loud but not deafening. I almost think it wasn’t as loud due to how high up it went. The only complaints I have is it’s only available in a 6 pack with 6 effects and not a 12 pack with 12 effects. And they come with the hard plastic tops (new standard with all canister shells it seems). I don’t like the black tops because it’s more of a mess to clean up. I remove them right before I shoot the shells. But, I definitely need to pick up a case of these. I think they’re gonna become my new go-to shells.

    Shell effects:
    Big Gold Palm
    Brocade with Red Lace
    Gold Palm to Color with White Glitter
    Red Lace
    Silver Lace with Blood Red, Green, Blue
    Ti Silver Chrysanthemum

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