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Pick Your Poison

keystone fireworks mortar shell Click to view larger image
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14″L x 10.5″W x 5″H


Unleash the power of these high performance 60 gram canister shells. Twelve premium shells and two heavy duty fiberglass launch tubes.  12 Shell Kit.

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  1. :

    I picked up a case and half of these Pick Your Poison 60 gram artillery shells for 4th of July 2018. At the time I was fairly new to bigger artillery shells (only used smaller festival ball shells). But, after doing my research and getting more into Pyro, I stumbled across Keystone Fireworks via YouTube. They’re local to me so I had to go in person to check them out. These aren’t your “hyped up 5 inch shells”, but, they don’t need to be. They have excellent height and HUGE breaks. VERY LOUD. The colors are fantastic (the product video doesn’t do it justice). Each box has 2 fiberglass mortar tubes and 12 artillery shells with 12 different effects (I’ll listed them below). If you’re looking at a great 60 gram artillery kit with not much knowledge, look no further. You will not be disappointed.
    #1 Red & Yellow w/ Silver Strobe
    #2 Crackling Willow w/ Blue Stars
    #3 Gigantic Silver Crackling
    #4 Neon Red & Sky Blue w/ Green Gold Strobe
    #5 Neon Red & Blue Dahlia w/ Silver Strobe
    #6 Brocade Crown w/ Crackling
    #7 Purple Dahlia
    #8 Brocade Crown w/ Red & Green
    #9 Time Rain Crackling
    #10 Brocade Crown w/ Blue & Green Strobe
    #11 Neon Red w/ Blue Dahlia & Crackles
    #12 Multicolor w/ Chrysanthemum

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    I picked up two boxes of these for my large shots for the night and we were completely satisfied. @ ~ 3.75 a shot they were well priced and allowed some flexibility is picking other pieces to go with my show. We paired this with 10 grand (10 shots), 2 mini artillery tubes (6 shot ea.), and a 6 shot free-bee that came with our order. Definitely will buy again.

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    These were amazing, huge bursts in a smaller kit. During June last year I bought two (buy one get one 99 cents) and saved one for new years. The performance was SPECTACULAR and I didn’t have to dish out $200 for the 60-gram shells. Smokin Hot looked good but I didn’t need that many for my show and they weren’t in my budget, these were just as good. I recently went back to the store shopping for the upcoming season and they’re NOT IN STOCK!!! Please, bring back Pick Your Poison!!!! Hopefully before Memorial Day!!! I suggest calling in advance before making the drive for this item, well worth the price when they have it.

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