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Keystone Fireworks 500 Gram Cake Click to view larger image
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17″L x 11 x 7″H


Sink your teeth into this awesome 49 shot repeater!  Seven shot waves of multiple eye popping fan shaped effects are followed by a huge crackling finish.

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  1. :

    a real cummer…

  2. :

    Great cake for the price. Compares in performance to other, more expensive items.

  3. :

    Great 500g cake especially for the price! Similar to VIP but at a much lower price highly recommend

  4. :

    A truly excellent 500g cake. The breaks fanning across the sky looks really great. Works very well as part of your finale. Will be back next year to buy several more!

  5. :

    Awesome firework for 500g cakes. I may go back and buy the 4 pack case. Great firework to end the night and 45 sec to 1 min long.

  6. :

    Awesome palm tree effect and crackling effect!

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