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Hit Man

Hit Man 200 Gram Cake Keystone Fireworks Click to view larger image
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5″L x 5″W x 6″


The Hit Man is a real tough guy. Sixteen powerful shots of red and green crackling willows with a huge finish.

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  1. :

    A diamond in the ruff. Great price and the buy one get one make it one of my favorites.

  2. :

    One of my favorite 200 gram cakes. Never leave keystone without it! As mentioned, 2 timed together pack a nice punch!

  3. :

    Would recommend this for any budget. Put two of these together for a low budget finale or as a nice opener for the big ones

  4. :

    Small, but really packs a punch with lots of color. Perfect if on a tight budget!!

  5. :

    A lot going on for a really good price! Very colorful and loud

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