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Where Can I Buy the “Good Stuff” in Pennsylvania?

The “good stuff” is available only at permanent licensed facilities like Keystone Fireworks superstores.  You won’t find mortars, Roman candles, firecrackers and other aerial fireworks at a temporary tent location.  Why not?  Read on…  Pennsylvania residents have seen recent changes in the fireworks law.  In 2018, Pennsylvanians were able to celebrate using aerial fireworks for the first time.  While the full line of consumer fireworks – including missiles, rockets and firecrackers – could only be sold from permanent licensed facilities, some aerial items and Roman candles were allowed to be sold from temporary locations such as tents.  That has changed.  A court decision overturned the portion of the law that allowed the sale of any aerial items from temporary locations, citing the fact that temporary tents aren’t held to the same level of safety and security standards that exist in permanent buildings that are licensed to sell fireworks.

So the full line of consumer fireworks is still available to Pennsylvania residents, but only from buildings like our Keystone Fireworks superstores.  If you haven’t been to a Keystone Fireworks superstore, a visit will quickly show you why thousands of people each year make our stores their destination for all of their fireworks needs.   Our stores offer more than 300 different items, and you can see them before you buy them by watching performance videos on our huge TVs.  Our stores are also staffed by fireworks experts who can help you build the perfect fireworks show for your budget.  We also offer special discounts like 50% off your entire purchase and buy one, get one pricing.  And with our bonus program, you can take home free fireworks with your purchase.  We look forward to seeing you at a Keystone Fireworks superstore!

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