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Fireworks Safety Testing

Today’s consumer fireworks are safer than ever. Modern production techniques and enhanced testing procedures have helped to decrease the rate of fireworks-related injuries even as the usage of fireworks has grown exponentially. Each item sold at Keystone Fireworks has been tested and approved by an independent pyrotechnics testing laboratory prior to shipping from the manufacturer in China.  Each category of fireworks (repeaters, shells, fountains, etc.) has its own specific set of testing guidelines to ensure that the products perform safely.


In addition to our own independent testing, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued mandatory safety regulations for all consumer fireworks. These standards require that:


1. Consumer fireworks have warning labels describing the hazard and function of a fireworks device.


2. Fireworks sold to consumers for personal use or for use in or around a household must meet certain construction and performance requirements.


For more detailed information regarding the CPSC standards for fireworks, click here!

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