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What Should I Use as a Rocket Launcher?

Rockets should only be launched from rocket launching tubes. Never launch rockets from bottles or other freestanding items because these can tip over causing the rocket to fire horizontally. Never insert the rocket stick directly into the ground. Keystone Fireworks offers an ideal rocket launching tube that is capable of firing a variety of rockets. We highly recommend them. You can also make your own from PVC pipe, but always ensure that the stick of the rocket can rise freely from the pipe. If it gets stuck in the pipe the rocket will explode at ground level, inside the pipe.


Push the launch tube into the ground far enough so the tube is stable when the rocket is inserted. Angle it slightly if necessary to aim the flight away from spectators. Be aware, however, that rockets track into the wind because the wind tips the stick during flight. Insert the rocket’s stick into the tube. In many cases the stick will reach the ground before the head of the rocket touches the top of the tube. This is ok, provided the stick does not get stuck in the ground and the rocket isn’t so long that it could tip over. The stick of the rocket is an important part of the firework that keeps the head of the rocket stable on its upward flight. If you have a rocket with a broken stick, don’t be tempted to fire it, as it won’t work properly and can be dangerous.