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What is a Roman Candle?

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A Roman candle is a classic type of firework in which the shots or “balls” are loaded into a heavy gauge cardboard tube. Candles can vary in length, being as short as a foot or as long as a yard. Likewise, they can vary in the number of shots, generally containing anywhere from 5 to 10 balls. There is a fuse at the end of the tube from which the balls shoot. When lit, the fuse moves down the tube and ignites the preloaded balls that contain colorful stars, whistles, reports and other effects. The other end of the tube is plugged so as to not let the fuse run too far down. Though many people hold Roman candles in their hands to fire them, we recommend only firing them from launch tubes for maximum safety. Keystone Fireworks offers a great variety of Roman candles. Check out our entire collection of Roman candles by clicking here.

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