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Fireworks Shortage? Not at Keystone Fireworks.

Are the rumors about shortages of fireworks true?  Indeed they are.  The Coronavirus has turned the global supply chain on its head and sent freight costs soaring.  While most fireworks companies will certainly have a severe shortage of fireworks this year, Keystone Fireworks has a different story.  If you’re questioning whether or not your backyard show is in jeopardy for July 4th, here is what you need to know:

  • Keystone Fireworks has strong relationships with our suppliers. Our partners in China have done an amazing job of producing and shipping our items. While our competitors will be facing shortages, Keystone Fireworks stores are fully stocked and ready to serve you for 2021.  Our showrooms are loaded with an amazing selection of items.
  • Given the expected shortages that our competitors are facing, Keystone Fireworks is anticipating unprecedented demand for our fireworks in 2021.  If you want to be assured of getting the best selection and the lowest prices, we urge you to SHOP EARLY!  Visit a Keystone Fireworks superstore before the week of July 4th (ideally before June 25) to avoid the holiday crowds and to get the unlimited personal attention of the fireworks experts on our sales staff.  Don’t wait until the week of July 4th to purchase your fireworks.

You can rest assured that the skies above your backyard will be filled with color this July 4th if you visit a Keystone Fireworks Superstore.  We look forward to seeing you.

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