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Fireworks Shortage? Not at Keystone Fireworks.

There have been many news stories about shortages of fireworks and increased prices for July 4, 2020.  While the Coronavirus did indeed interrupt the production and shipping of fireworks in China, and while many companies will certainly have a severe shortage of fireworks this year (and therefore raise their prices), Keystone Fireworks has a different story.  If you’re questioning whether or not your backyard show is in jeopardy for July 4th, here is what you need to know:

  • Keystone Fireworks carries a huge inventory all year long.  We never want to disappoint our customers by having anything less than an amazing selection.  Our superstores are loaded with hundreds of items.  The idea of Keystone Fireworks Superstores running out of fireworks is like McDonald’s running out of hamburgers.  It just won’t happen.
  • Keystone Fireworks has strong and long lasting relationships with our suppliers. Our partners in China have done an amazing job of producing and shipping our items, and while our competitors will be facing shortages, we are fully stocked and ready to serve you for 2020.
  • As for prices, we’re not changing our plans. Keystone Fireworks Superstores will continue to offer our Buy One, Get One discounts, in-store specials and industry best bonus program.  While you may see significant price changes from our competitors, you won’t see them from Keystone Fireworks.

So you can rest assured that the skies above your backyard will be filled with color this July 4th if you visit a Keystone Fireworks Superstore.  But, as always, we encourage you to SHOP EARLY to avoid the holiday crowds and get the unlimited personal attention of the fireworks experts on our sales staff.