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The Pennsylvania fireworks law has officially changed effective October 30, 2017. Pennsylvania residents 18 or older can now purchase all types of aerial fireworks at Keystone Fireworks!  No permits, no hassles.  Just come in and shop.


Do you want to finally get your hands on some of our awesome mortars?  Of course you do.  How about firecrackers, rockets and missiles?  Yep…  we’ve got those.  You’ll be blown away by our incredible collection of Keystone Fireworks brand 200 gram and 500 gram cakes.  Click here to watch them in action and see what you’ve been missing.


But if you want those items, you won’t find them at any roadside stand.  Visit one of our amazing Keystone Fireworks superstores and shop in 10,000 square feet of fireworks heaven.  We’re open all year and can’t wait to finally serve you!

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