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Mini Artillery Shells

Mini Artillery Shells Keystone Fireworks Click to view larger image
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4″L x 2.5″W x 6.5″H


This assortment of one inch shells packs quite a punch. Six assorted shells and effects.

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  1. :

    6 shots for a low price. Great way to fill time early in the night before breaking out the big stuff.

  2. :

    Picked up two of these and was really pleased for the price (12 shots for $14). As part of 5 shot rack these added a nice first shot followed up by 3 larger shells.

  3. :

    Set these off at my mountain cabin, impressive. For a 1″ she’ll they rocked!!

  4. :

    These are just so much fun and what a great price! It is amazing what can come out of such a small tube.

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