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Fast and Furious

Keystone Fireworks 500 Gram Cake Click to view larger image
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47″L x 12″W x 7″H


Buckle up for a thrill ride! This incredible cake features jaw-dropping rapid fire effects in fan shapes, “V” patterns and “W” patterns. Crackling comets with vivid colors, silver palms, golden glitter, titanium crackers and much more. It’s fast and it’s HUGE.

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  1. :

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! fired this off twice this past summer!! unbelievable! it goes for a long time and the continuing firing of BOOM BOOM BOOM was spectacular . just when everyone thinks its over it fires more!! highly recommended

  2. :

    AMAZING! What a great show! I come in every year and this is by far my favorite piece. Perfect for a finale or by itself. My kids ask for it by name now. Highly recommended!!

  3. :

    This piece had quite a few different effects so it put on a great show and everyone enjoyed it. It just just the right amount of noise and color, and lasted quite a while. I highly recommend this piece.

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