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Destroyer Tube Assortment

Keystone Fireworks Assortment Click to view larger image


29″L x 16″W x 6″H


When it’s time to bring out the big guns, you need the Destroyer. This artillery and tube assortment is loaded with 21 pieces of mortar fire.

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    ^ They were the same price btw ^

  2. :

    You can get a good show out of this assortment. Downside: It only has 21 shots in it! The packaging made it look way more exciting. It had some really big shots in it that would have made great finales to an artillery shell show. However, right next to it on the shelf is Smokin Hot Premium Artillery Shells that has 24 shells in it, every one of them 60 grams. The destroyer had a mix of pre-loaded tubes and half the box was 30 gram shells. Next year I will get two of Smokin Hot Premium shells or mix it with another assortment instead of pairing it with this. What a disappointment compared to Smokin Hot.

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