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Cherry Bomber

Cherry Bomber Keystone Fireworks Click to view larger image
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14″L x 10″W x 8.5″H


A fan shaped display of ruby red palms with white strobe glitter, golden crackling mines and a dazzling five shot finish. 25 Shots.

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  1. :

    Similar to bring the noise, but even better wowed the crowd!! Great ending

  2. :

    I was not sure at first if i would care for this piece, but after including it in my show I was extremely happy! Only one word to describe.. OUTSTANDING!

  3. :

    After carefully watching all the 500gram videos in my price range I saw this one and immediatly knew it would be my favorite. It starts off a little slow but steady with big bursts of red, white and yellow followed by a chorus of red and purple rapid-fire shots with a crackling after-effect. It ends with a simultaneous four-shot finale. You have to watch the video and you absolutly have to make this an addition to your show if you want to “WOW!” the crowd.

  4. :

    This has a rapid fire section that turns the sky a bright red

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