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10 Grand

Keystone Fireworks Mortar Shell Click to view larger image
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13″L x 11″W x 5″H


Ten premium shells! Singles, doubles, triples and canister shells, each with a different effect. 10 Shell Kit.

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  1. :

    My favorite Mortar Kit by far. Large, colorful shots!

  2. :

    These were awesome, however, only 5 or 6 shells had multiple breaks (2 or 3). Rather then 10 shells, this should come with 6 shells with triple breaks which would be more in line with other kits (6-12 shells per tube supplied). Would probably buy again if no other kit provided multiple breaks per shell.

  3. :

    Awesome set. I bought these last year and they were great. Loud and lit up the area like lightning

  4. :

    very simply put, OUTSTANDING! We will be buying these ones again.

  5. :

    Easily the best mortar kit I have ever had! Amazing colors and very loud. Definitely buying this one again!!

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