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Tips for Taking a Video of Your Fireworks Show

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Everyone loves to watch fireworks, but capturing your show on film can be a challenge. If you want to take still pictures of your show, you need a camera that can take multiple photos very quickly and therefore has a very high shutter speed. For video, many cameras have a fireworks mode. In that setting, the camera is set to expect a dark background with sudden changes in brightness. Finding your target in a dark sky can also be difficult. You won’t see that artillery shell until it explodes in the darkness, so knowing where to focus the camera can be a challenge. We recommend using a tripod and panning back so that you can capture a wide area, then zooming in when you get a better idea of where to focus. You’ll need to experiment with your camera to see what settings give you the best results. The good news is that we’ve seen some amazing videos of our fireworks that were taken by our customers using their mobile phones! So while you’re filming with a traditional camera, ask your guests to film along with you using their phones.