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How to Fuse Fireworks Together

fusingFusing several pieces together allows you to time your fireworks show so that the effects are continuous. This method provides a better show than lighting one piece at a time. It also allows the person who is lighting the fireworks to enjoy the show instead of constantly lighting fuses. To fuse two or more items together, you will need some green safety fuse, which is sold at Keystone Fireworks. This fuse burns at an approximate rate of 20 seconds per foot. You will need to determine how many inches or feet of fuse to use between each item so that your items ignite when you want them to ignite.


Hold the short fuse attached to the item side-by-side with the green fuse and then use 3/4 to 1-inch wide masking tape to tape them together tightly. The objective is to have the fuse which is “giving fire” be burning right against the fuse which is “taking fire” for your chosen length. It is generally a bad idea to connect your fuses at right angles, or end-to-end, as this can result in fuses not lighting.