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How Rockets are Made


rocketRockets are one of the oldest and most recognizable types of fireworks.    The use of rockets can be traced back to China, and though most fireworks were used for religious purposes at first, rockets were used for military purposes as well. The signature part that makes rockets different from other fireworks is the wooden stick that’s attached to the head of the rocket. Not only are they used for mounting the rocket before launch, but they stabilize the rocket while it’s flying through the air. Depending on the design, shape, and size of the rocket, the stick can balance and guide the rocket so that it flies quickly and in one direction. The principle of the makeup of the firework is still the same; pyrotechnic compound and a lift charge is placed inside the head of the rocket with other chemicals depending on the desired effect of the rocket. A fuse extends from the head of the rocket. Once the fuse is lit, it ignites the lift charge and the rocket is launched into the air.


Rockets can be quite small, like the popular Moon Travel rockets (commonly referred to as bottle rockets).  These tiny rockets fly short distances and have a small visible or audible effect. Other rockets can be rather large (perhaps 38 inches long) and can achieve heights of over 200 feet to go along with large bursts of sound and color.  In some countries, rockets are the most popular and most powerful type of fireworks.  In Austria and Germany, for example, people celebrate with very large rockets that produce huge bursts of effects.  These rockets far exceed the limits of pyrotechnic compound that are allowed in rockets sold within the United States.


No matter what type of rocket you choose, it should be launched from a strong tube (such as one made of PVC) that is anchored into the ground.  Keystone Fireworks offers these launch tubes in each of our stores.  Click here to see our full collection of rockets.