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Galactic Graffiti

Keystone Fireworks 500 Gram Cake Click to view larger image
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9.5″L x 9.5″W x 9″H


You’ve never seen vibrant neon colors like these in a repeater! 25 shots of brilliant red, blue, green and yellow pearls with a huge silver crackling finale.

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  1. :

    The variety of colors are definitely what make this cake special. It is great for adding a little bedazzling effect to your show!

  2. :

    The colors fill the sky on this beauty..

  3. :

    This one is really awesome with those beautiful neon colors.

  4. :

    This one is really great with all the brilliant colors.

  5. :

    Me and my family were vacationing in the Poconos and saw this lovely store. The store is filled to the brim with fireworks. The packaging of this one caught my eye. I shot it off and the colors were so bright and vibrant. This firework is absolutely brilliant!!!

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