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Keystone Fireworks 200 Gram Repeater Cake Click to view larger image
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5″L x 5″W x 4.75″H


A 16 shot display with strong breaks and ultra-vibrant colors. Like glittering gemstones in the sky.

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  1. :

    Inexpensive and fun.

  2. :

    I thought this was just a baby version of Hocus Pocus. It was worth the cost to just get that one instead, for only a few dollars more. Yes, it was colorful, yes, it was sparkly with a shimmery white falling curtain after most bursts. However, it wasn’t very loud and you don’t get the cool spiral action going up that you would with Hocus Pocus.

  3. :

    Bejeweled definitely lives up to its name with a lot of gemstone colors and shimmer. I really enjoyed watching this one!

  4. :

    Great effects and lots of shots. Thought it was great for the price.

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